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Reflections of the night

I think this has to be one of my favourite photos I have ever taken.  It is the Melbourne CBD skyline taken from Southbank (Melbourne, Australia).  I had spent the day walking around Melbourne just taking shots of gardens, graffiti in the lanes (which Melbourne is famous for) and whatever else took my fancy.

I had my tripod with me so thought I would try out some long exposure shots that night.  This was taken around 8:30pm sometime in March 2012.  I used my Canon 60D and it was a 30sec exposure.  I have not manipulated the shot at all in post-production as I just loved the colours as they were.


How’s the serenity


Not a bad way to finish off the day.  This was taken at the Busselton Jetty, in Busselton Western Australia.

Its moments like this, sitting back enjoying  a nice drink and soaking up the scenery, that gives you pause and time to think about how great life really is.  We all have our ups and downs but life is really meant to be enjoyed and appreciated.

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